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You decide how your workout plan should look like. Define your training goal. Specify how often and how long you want to train. Determine the split and the training method on which your plan should be based.
Specify which muscles and in which order you want to train them. Decide how many and which exercises you want to use in your workout plan. Create your personal workout plan and log your workouts for fast results.

BestFit supports your workouts like a personal trainer. We suggest you the right training weight, determine your breaks, ⏱ replace unsuitable exercises with equivalent 🔀 and adjust the program to your schedule. 📆

BestFit helps you to build muscle, burn fat, increase strength and fitness. Our unique algorithm ensures that new training methods are always waiting for you and your workouts are constantly changing. This way, new stimuli are constantly set that force your muscles to grow and take you to the next level. 💪

Keeping track of your own progress is one of the most important factors for lasting success in training. Let BestFit show you your performance curves at any time and take control of your personal development. “What Doesn’t Get Measured Doesn’t Get Done!”

You are not challenged and lack variety in your workouts? Only BestFit offers you a selection of more than 20 different training methods that will push you to your limits.

You can’t pull yourself together and go to the gym? Let us remind you to stick to your training routine and finally achieve results. We provide you continuously with new information on muscle building, training science and much more in our blog and app.

Especially in weight lifting there is always the danger of injuries. To ensure that you perform each exercise correctly, we have integrated detailed instructions and videos into the app so that you can be sure that you are protecting your bones and joints 🦴 and remain fit for the long term.

We work closely with the Fitness Center of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Here we develop the fitness app in direct cooperation with the trainers. This way we ensure that the app is always state-of-the-art. 🧐

We’re always happy to hear from you. No matter what comes to mind, we want to hear it. Would you like another feature? Does something not work as expected?

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BestFit Pro: Gym Workout Plan for Fitness APK Full Download

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