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A no-frills little app, Jibber Jabber for Mac enables users to send their messages secretly by easily encoding and decoding the content. This application is extremely easy to use due to its bare-bones interface.

As an extremely lightweight app, Jibber Jabber for Mac downloads in seconds and can be run without any installation. The interface is very basic: It consists of one window where you type your message and two buttons at the bottom for encoding and decoding the message. Using this app couldn’t be easier. The only thing you need to do is type your message, hit “Encode,” and you’ve got a string of meaningless text, which you can print right from the application, or copy and paste into other applications to send to someone else. The person receiving the message simply copies and pastes the coded text into their Jibber Jabber window and hits “Decode,” and the original message appears. It’s fast, easy to use, and just the sort of thing that young kids love to play with.

While this isn’t the app you’d want to rely on for security measures when sending sensitive data, it is a fun way to send secret messages for your friends to decode.



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Download Jibber Jabber Free for Mac

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