Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA APK Full Download

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Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA for PC Offline Open World Sandbox Fun
Dude Theft Wars is a funny open world game with offline and many Online multiplayer game modes.
You can drive physics-based cars, enjoy funny memes, play offline story mode with missions & amazing online multiplayer games.
Free roam around the city, drive cars & do ragdoll stunts in the city & earn cash & enjoy sandbox games. Roam around the free dude town playing many mini games, dancing or taking selfies with other dudes.

Multiplayer Shooter Games
Enjoy exciting and fun online team deathmatch and free for all battles with friends.
Battle your friends in three amazing maps : Jack Street, Noob Town and Parkour Playground.

Car Drive & Fly Planes
Drive more than 60 physics based cars and do amazing stunts.
Drive safely or otherwise your car can get damaged and explode in realistic crashes.
You can also fly planes and helicopters and feel like a bird watching the whole city from above.
Buy cars with cash or spawn them.
Drive and fly to enjoy this open world game.

First Person Life Simulator
Dude Theft Wars is a first person simulator having many features with 3 characters of the game Jack, Richie & Chad. The player experiences the first person game play with
Jack owns an iDude phone used to order cars, like sports cars or police cars taking a funny selfie with other dudes doing funny actions.
Perform stunts while you drive your car. Jump from the car & watch your ragdoll flying in the air with funny ragdoll physics. Save your game’s progress anytime in the game.

Action Packed Police Chase
The wanted level increases if the player kills dudes or damages a property. Police come after to arrest you. Only way to escape from the police is to run away.
Do crimes & watch armed forces come with stronger cars & helicopters with snipers.
Got arrested? Just pay the fine & come back to enjoy the game again.

Many Mini Games
Play different mini sports games also offered by Dude Theft Wars like basketball & bowling games.
Other games like free taxi driving games, zombie games & many more.
If bored, just go to town & play minigames like bowling & hoops or winning the zombie outbreak challenge, be a nice dude serving others by driving a taxi.

New Online Fps Multiplayer Maps
Multiplayer maps like Jackstreet, Noobtown, Parkour Playground excites the player with intense game play. Enjoy fps multiplayer fun in Dude Theft Wars now.
Play Team Deathmatch and Free for All multiplayer game modes and train yourself to get skilled in using your favorite gun. New and exciting weapons amaze your whole multiplayer action.

☑An open world fps sandbox game
☑Online fps simulator & online fps multiplayer mode
☑Drive many cars in open world sandbox driving simulator
☑Open world online fps simulator shooting game
☑Online fps multiplayer simulator mode with up to 16 players
☑Challenging shooting games
☑Funny sandbox driving simulator
☑Play mini games in open world sandbox life simulator
☑Find secrets & cheats in sandbox simulator

The funniest ragdoll open world sandbox multiplayer and story Game is here.

New & Improved Graphics🎦🎨
Many Bugs oofed 🐞👞
Performance Optimization 🏃‍♀️

New Graphics in Noob town ✨
New Guns go Brrr 🤺🔫
New Melee 🏏
New Ducci Items 🎩
Controls Customization ✌🖖🤙
New Grenade: Disco Bomb 🎉🕺
New Secret Power Up 🔥👽
Better Scopes and Aiming 🎯
Auto Respawn 🤦‍♂️
Improved Animations 👌🤹‍♂️
Bye Bye Bugs 🐞🚗

New Graphics in JackStreet, Parkour Playground
Regions Issue Fixed



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Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA APK Full Download

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