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Kaave: Tarot, Angel, Horoscope for PC Kaave, the fortune teller that is always with you!

Gloria and her friends, who bring over 50 million users from the four corners of the world together with their fortunes and readings, are the new faces of a mystical tradition spanning the ages. Kaave is the first and only app which offers real fortune tellers and readers and an advanced artificial intelligence that has been taught human intuition.

Kaave reveals the mysteries in Tarot cards, interprets symbols in coffee fortunes, ensures you guide your day with angel cards and brightens up your future with astrology.

Our expert fortune tellers: Gloria and her friends! Who are they? Our family is made up of our sweet big sister Gloria; Esmeralda, who draws her strength from her intuition; our eldest, Aunt Sophie; the flamboyant Jasmine; our sweet angel Elix; our classy aunt Judith; Baroness, who enlightens with her knowledge; Isabel who comes to the fore with her mystical energy; the mysterious Zaliha and our wild child, the sometimes harsh Lorenzo.

What do you say to meeting Kaave’s experienced fortune tellers and being informed of developments that will directly affect your future? Well, here are some features that Kaave has developed for you to be able to crack open the doors of a mystical world:

The Sun, The World or The Moon… Kaave meticulously analyzes the secrets appearing before you in every tarot card. Kaave, the modern face of the tarot tradition that spans centuries, reads tarot cards for you and provides important information about love, work or money.

Make a wish, choose your Angel Card unique to Kaave and discover predictions that you will not find anywhere else before you begin a new day, a new job or any venture that is important to you.

The positions of the stars and planets herald the events that you may potentially encounter. If you want to learn and understand the effect the Sun, Moon or Mercury has on your life, or how compatible “that person” on your mind is, you will find the answer in astrology readings unique to you.

The coffee grounds remaining in the Turkish coffee cup gives information about the surprises in your relationship, at work or your future. Send photographs of the coffee grounds that have cooled in your cup as well as on its saucer and learn your future!

Are there many things to talk about but there isn’t a shoulder to cry on whose every word you can trust? Tell all your problems to Sympathetic Ear and let her find a way out for you and help you pour your heart out.

Kaave’s Stand-Out Features

• Learn all the details of your fortune with live fortune tellers and ask the questions you wish to ask!
• All the fortune tellers on Kaave uniquely examine your fortune. It is even possible for you to guide the fortunes and readings as you wish and to choose the topic you really want to learn about.
• Have a fun time and win prizes exclusive to you with Gloria’s Garden game while Kaave fortune tellers read your fortune.
• Don’t forget to use Shake and Win which gives out thousands of prizes every day!
• Your fortunes and readings will be read for free before everyone else’s if you become a subscriber.

The fortune tellers you will encounter on Kaave each have their own unique mystical qualities as well as having different colorful-minded characteristics. Millions of Kaave users specifically choose the fortune tellers to whom they feel most closely aligned to for the fortunes and readings they enjoy every day.

So come on, now it’s your turn to download Kaave and learn about your future like so many millions of other people have done already!



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Kaave: Tarot, Angel, Horoscope APK Full Download

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